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Dream Big. Dream Bold.

Imaginative home design concepts delivered with a personal touch.

The Dallas-Fort Worth community is a vibrant place filled with endless possibilities for those who call it home. At CShort Designs, the goal of residential architect Chrissy Petersen is to capture your dreams, vision, and passion and artistically transform them into innovative design concepts that make ordinary houses feel more like “home.” Delivered with a personal touch, we cordially invite you to dream big and dream bold as we explore endless design possibilities together and reimagine a home environment that’s as unique as you are.

What We Do

Create homes that are personal & All about the people that inhabit them

Custom Home Design

Allow us to envision and uniquely design the home of your dreams from the ground up.


We artistically transform outdated home environments into magazine cover-worthy masterpieces.


Our creative architectural ideas add curb appeal and living space as your family grows.

Design Consultation

When you need design inspiration or architectural advice, our consultants are here to help.

We believe that your home’s architecture should artistically resonate with its surroundings while creating a living environment that inspires greatness. Our passion is designing architectural masterpieces that capture the essence of the local community.

At CShort Designs, our approach seamlessly guides you through every aspect of the design process based on your project's size, scope, & budget.